Sunday, January 1, 2012

November in Review

In early November, Maya, Wyatt, and I were all still in Prescott. We visited with Nana and Papa, played on the swings in their back yard, and went to Oliva's for some pollo fundito. Yum!

We spent another couple days in Prescott. The kids got to visit with their cousins and Aunt Hanna while I did homework, and had fun playing at Grammy's house and with their Uncle B.O. Wyatt scored a handsome scarf his cousin Emily made for him, and Maya got her nails done at the salon with Grammy!

When we got to Phoenix, we spent some time at Grumpa and Grandma T's house, then went to visit cousins and Aunt Amy at her house. Maya had lots of fun playing in her garden and bunny, and Wyatt liked giving footie high-fives with his Aunt Amy!

We spent the next couple weeks just hanging out and visiting with local friends. We skipped doing a Thanksgiving feast this year, which is so unlike me! Instead, we got an early start on Christmas shopping. I went Black Friday shopping alone, and scored lots of great deals. I found a Target close by that is kinda tucked back a ways. It was awesome not standing in a 50-foot line!