Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sand Art

Sand animation from Ukraine's Got Talent. Sound is a must.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Compliments of Danny

Pete loves this website at where he often finds things with which to amuse his wife. Things like the 3-headed dog Harry Potter costume, Carl Sagan auto-tuned (yes!), emoti-Khans, and much, much more. Here are a few things we checked out today. It's pretty amazing.

This last one is a Jedi bath robe.


The new doggie may be on my last nerve. She is such a great dog as dogs go, but she does have a few bad habits, one of which may be the straw that made the camel kick the dog.
She barks (REALLY LOUDLY) when she hears people outside, and she is a total counter-surfer so I have to watch what I leave out on the counter. Those quirks are annoying, but the one that has me wondering if we might have to give her away is the way she torments the cats. It's weird, because the first day or two she was here she'd give them a sniff and be on her merry way. No big deal at all. They lived side-by-side in peace. Now, it's like she just waits for them to make an appearance so she can chase them away or make whiny noises at them like she's egging them on to play. Betty hides away in the guest bedroom all the time, and only comes out to eat and poop when she knows the dog is outside. She is a prisoner in her own home. Gaucho is a little more brave, and either punches Nellie in the nose, or skulks away into the guest bedroom, which Nellie can't get into.

We signed Nellie up for the intermediate obedience class, because she already knows her basic commands really well and just needs to fine-tune her behavior. I'm hoping that we can get some ideas on what we can do to calm her chasing instinct, or if it's even possible. I hope we can figure this thing out in the next month or two, because if we can't there is no way I'm going to torture Betty like that. She was here first! Poor kitty. Nellie and Peanut get along all right inside the house, but when we go outside and run around they are best buddies! It's really cute.

If all else fails and we do need to give her up, I'm going to make sure she goes to a really great family, preferably with kids. My plan is to put her up on Craigslist, and require that I meet anyone who replies at their home. I'm not going to charge a re-homing fee, I just want her to be somewhere that she is loved, happy, and healthy. She really is a great dog. Maya grabs fists full of dog hair and yanks away. Nellie doesn't even flinch. I think she actually like the attention. What a little masochist!

I'll keep everyone posted on Nellie's progress. Hopefully this class will be of some help. Wish us luck!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Maya Joe Jim Bob

The perfect baby shower present from Grammy... a Billy Bob teeth pacifier! Maya's not really a huge pacifier lover, but she does like gnawing on this one (but not any of her other ones!) to ease teething discomfort. She got her first real tooth last week! It's so dang cute, but the pacifier teeth are hilarious.

Playing in the back yard in the grass.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Glamourpuss and her new walker

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Auto-Tune the News

I freaking love these. Pete thinks they are mildly amusing, but I crack up every time I see them. I could watch them a thousand times and they would still be high-larious!

I like the awards at the end. Most Efficient Government Agency: The Federal Commission of T-Pain.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Race Debate


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I'm Addicted to Evony.

So, last week Pete said he found a game online that was pretty fun. I never really played RPG's before because, well, they look lame. Oh, was I wrong! I've been playing all week. Every time I have a few minutes I peek back online so I can update stuff, recruit more infantry, learn new tricks in my University, and upgrade my walls, defenses, farms, quarry, etc. It's unhealthy.

Evony is basically like World of Warcraft. Only difference is Evony is free. It's a real-time RPG where you are the lord or lady of a plot of land. You have a town hall, cottages, barracks, a school, a feasting hall, an inn, farms, sawmills, quarries, iron mines, etc. You are a point on a map where you have neighbors, deserts, forests, and other stuff that you can conquer to build upon your domain. During the first week you are in beginner status, and nobody else can attack you. It gives you a chance to build up your defenses before anyone can invade your city.

I know all this sounds INCREDIBLY nerdy, but it is so fun! I joined an alliance for extra protection, and the person who started the alliance is actually a pregnant lady from Norway. We chatted about health care for a bit. It was really interesting. I asked her whether she was using a midwife or an OB and she had no idea what I was talking about.

Of all the people reading this blog, I think Pete's Dad would have the most fun playing. Nate (Melanie's kid, not Vicki's, though he might like it, too) would like it as well since he's so into City of Heroes. Anyways, it's fun.

If you now think I'm a huge dork, so be it. I love Evony. Oh, and I'm on server 66 if anyone else wants to join me. I'm Lady Lulu. Transport to my server right away though, because if you do it later your town will be wiped clean when you move. Just so's you knows.

Fish Sticks

"Do you like fish sticks?"
"What are you, a gay fish?!"

Kanye West New Song- Gay Fish ( UNCENSORED,FULL AND HIGH QUALITY) - Watch more funny videos here

Full episode here:

Monday, September 14, 2009

New Doggie!!

After discussing Peanut's sad loneliness and Pete's desire for a big thumpin' dog, we decided to go browse the pound. I had several requirements for this dog, among them being that the new dog get along with Peanut/ the cats/ kids, and that it not shed. No more animal hair for me, thanks. Well, we found the most awesome dog EVAR! Her name is Nelly, and she's a Giant Schnauser/Poodle mix. She's a Giant Schnoodle! She met all my requirements, is completely housebroken, trained, etc. Her previous owners even had an in-home daycare. They decided to get rid of her out of pity because there was another dog they had that tormented her. Poor baby. She is amazing. I think she looks like Sirius Black when transfigures into the big, black dog. So, her full name is Nellius Black! It's a Harry Potter wouldn't understand. ;) Anyways, we've had her for about 5 hours and she's great so far! She even leaves the cats alone. Hooray!

Oh. Holy. Old Food.

I noticed that there was a lot of food in our cabinets that hadn't been touched in ages. So, I cleaned everything out and looked at expiration dates. It turns out that about 50% of the stuff in our pantry was expired. Eww. Here's the photographic evidence. The left half is expired. I feel so ashamed.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

What Maya and I do while Pete is at work.

Pandora Radio

I don't know why I just thought to post this, but I thought I'd share in case any of you out there had never heard of Pandora Radio. It's a website that lets you type in the name of a band or song that you like. It then pulls up a bunch of other songs and artists that you might like, queues up a ton of songs, and you can listen to them all for free for as long as you want. You can make lots of different customized "radio stations" based on whatever type of music you like. While you're listening, you can tell Pandora if there's a song you don't like, and it will never play it again on that station. It is so rad! Our friend, Dorota, is from Poland, and we typed in a random Polish folk band she likes. They had it. That's actually one of my favorite stations, now. It always plays cool music that I've never heard before. If you've never tried it, check it out!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Trip to Prescott

While the main reason for my visit was sad, I'm really glad that I got to spend the week amongst family and friends. Maya liked sleeping snuggled up in the same bed with me a little too much, though, and has been crying for at least 30 minutes each night because I insist she sleep in her co-sleeper and not our bed. It's pretty pathetic. All that huffing and puffing just because she wants to be one foot closer to us.

But, I digress. It was really nice hanging out with everyone, passing the baby off on people so I could go to the movies (thanks Mom and Autumn!), and catching up on family gossip. Going out to pizza with the Ristig clan was really great, too. I can't believe we all got together and it wasn't even a federal holiday!

But, enough talk. Here are the pictures!

And the movies!!

Maya started to say "mama" but I don't think she knows what it means yet.

This is pretty much how she entertained herself on the way home.