Monday, August 29, 2011

We Have Mobility!!

This week, Wyatt started really pushing himself around with his feet. As the week progressed he turned into a full-fledged inch-worm! He can move, and he can move fast! The stairs have gotten me really worried, now, because our bannister is in a weird place, and I'm not sure how we're going to block it off. I'll have to do some homework on baby gates, or perhaps rig up something that will work. Yikes! Here's a video of the action. Maya steals the show pretending to be a dog, but you get a good 50 seconds of crawling action. Sorry it's so dark, Maya's light bulb in her room needs changed.

Wyatt also just had his six-month checkup. Here are his stats:

Weight: 16.8 pounds, 35th percentile
Height: 28 inches, 91st percentile
Head Circumference: 17.8 inches, 83rd percentile
BMI: 15.1
He also has his 2 bottom teeth!

When the lady first entered in all his stats and printed up a copy for us, it said he was in the 100th percentile for height. I wondered how that could be. He'd be the tallest baby on earth! Then, I noticed him BMI was zero. Uuhhhhh? Turns out she made a typo, and instead of 28 inches, entered 2,816 inches. Pete and I had a chuckle!

Wyatt is a sweet little guy. He goes to bed at 8pm every night, and wakes up at around 5:30am when I bring him into bed with us. He nurses and snuggles for about an hour or so, and then will just look up at me and grin the hugest, most adorable "Good morning, Mom!" grin ever! Every day. It's awesome.

Wyatt loves taking baths, but doesn't so much enjoy getting his hair washed. He loves slapping the water and eating his bath toys. Speaking of toys, Wyatt has a new-found love of "little guys". I bought a bunch of Star Wars guys at a yard sale, and they are his go-to toy of choice. He also loves playing with spoons, granola bar wrappers, his toy phone, and his favorite toy of all....his big sister, Maya! Lately, she has a new game where she just piles anything she can find into a big pile and calls it her "little nest". He just loves it, because they get into the nest together and Maya hands him one thing after another She is a really good big sister!

Wyatt also loves beards. He likes running his fingers through them. He's gonna be a mountain man someday, I just know it! Here he is at a recent party we had, enjoying a friend's beard. (This seriously cracks me up!)

They say all kids are really different, but I've found that Wyatt and Maya have really similar temperaments so far. The only big difference is Wyatt's determination, and physical strength. When he wants something, he really goes for it! Maya was more of a "cry until someone gets it for me" kind of girl. He is crazy strong, too. Has been since the day he was born.

We've just recently started Watt on solids. He's a pretty decent eater so far, but he definitely prefers the sweeter foods. It's funny, because all I wanted to eat when I was pregnant with him was candy.

Wyatt is looking more and more like his Daddy every day! It's nuts looking at old baby pictures of Pete. They could be Wyatt, with the exception of the nose. He totally has my nose. :)

I love this photo of his profile, and I also threw in a Daddy snuggle-time picture!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dirty Girl Mud Run

I'll be participating in the Dirty Girl Mud Run 5k next month with some girlfriends. It's basically a 5k obstacle course, with lots of mud! I will not be wearing my good shoes. After brainstorming for team names, we went with one of mine. We are The Dirty Nerdy Chocolate Granola Explosion! It pays homage to the dirtiness of the event, and the nerdy, granola-ness of myself, and especially, my teammates. One of the girls has dreadlocks for crying out loud! Now, she is a granola to the max. It should prove to be a really good time, and it'll be the first 5k I'll actually be running. Here's hoping I don't lose a shoe!! Here's a link to the website if you want to see what's on the obstacle course.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Plethora of Videos

Wyatt sitting up all by himself.

Maya procrastinating when she should be eating dinner.

No more monkeys jumping on the bed! (This was shortly after we'd moved, and her bed wasn't put together yet)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Super-UpdateTron 3000!

Things have been busy, to say the least, in the last three months. That's my excuse for why I haven't updated anything, and I'm sticking to it! And now, for the longest blog entry in history, because I don't really feel like splitting it up into events. Hey, I've got a 5-month-old sitting here. A little laziness is permitted for the sake of my sanity. Ha!

Well, we made the move from New Mexico to Colorado Springs shortly after my last post. The movers came and packed us up, which was wonderful, and they moved our stuff a couple days later. We slept on the air mattress for a couple nights. I was worried that Maya would freak out from sleeping in a new house, on the floor, in a strange, empty room. My fears were unfounded, though, because she did great! I did make sure the floor was thoroughly covered because the previous tenants left the carpet completely disgusting!

Since moving, we have done an insane amount of home improvement. We ripped out and replaced 1700 square feet of carpet, put down 800 square feet of wood floors, painted the kitchen, living room, master bedroom, and guest bedroom (and still have a ton more to paint!), we've re-seeded and revived the front lawn, put new frosted glass up in the kitchen cabinets, got all new energy-star appliances to replace the 25-year-old ones that were in the kitchen, repaired the sub-floor in the kitchen from where their skanky old dishwasher leaked, took out a wall in the living room, and a plethora of other little projects like patching things, painting the chimney, replacing light fixtures, fixing small leaks, putting up closet shelving, etc. Our efforts are paying off, and the house is really coming together. I wish I had about three kid-free days to finish painting Maya's room, the basement, the second guest bedroom (or as we've been calling it, "the shit room"...sorry Grammy!), the guest bathroom, the dining room, and the front room & entryway. A magic wand would be really nice right about now!

I only have a couple "after pictures, so I'll get my camera and take more, and post them in my next blog update.

Ciera came out for her annual one-month summer shopping spree! That's pretty much what it's turned in to. She has so few things because her Dad doesn't work, and therefore has no money. She's a growing girl, and half the stuff she got last year doesn't fit her anymore, or got stained. So, I gave her a chore list, she helped with home repairs where she could, and she did lots of babysitting so Pete and I could get projects done around the house and go out on hot dates.

She ended up earning a good $200 over the course of the month, and we went crazy at the thrift store. She got about 20 shirts and 10 pants. We went on half price day! She also got a new (refurbished) phone with a keypad, got her hair cut and styled at the Toni & Guy beauty school, and went to the mall and got some hot shoes for school, and some running shoes for track. She got her brothers each a giant bag of candy from the sweet shop in the mall. It was pretty much every 13-year-old's dream come true! The best part of her trip was when her Dad said it was OK for her to dye her hair a wacky color. She decided on hot pink streaks, which actually turned out looking pretty awesome if I do say so myself. I'm did it myself, and it turned out looking awesome!

We also went to the zoo, the Air Force Academy to watch fireworks, and a big carnival where we got to pet a monkey and a baby tiger who was visiting from the local zoo (for a mere $20). Hey, it supported the zoo, and we got to hold a tiger! It was a fun and busy month!

Melanie came out for a visit for three days earlier this week. We didn't really do anything special, but it was nice to just hang out, catch up, play with the kids, and not fix or clean anything for three days! We cruised the mall, ate gross food, and took a lovely trip to the new Ikea in Denver. It was heavenly having another adult body around to hold kids, and even better because it was Melanie! We stayed up late chit-chatting and playing pool in the basement, and I made her watch my saved YouTube videos (my favorite torture). Ahhh, adult conversation. How sweet it is!

The most recent development around the Ristig household is that we (really it was just me) decided that we'd go on the South Beach Diet. I haven't dropped any weight since about two weeks after Wyatt was born, which means I'm 12 pounds heavier than I was after I had Maya. I tried the Zone for two weeks, and didn't lose a single pound! I tortured myself for nothing. After I went off the Zone diet and went back to my old, gross eating habits, my weight stayed exactly the same. I was so mad! Well I've re-grouped, and I think South Beach will work. My mom said it works for her, and we're pretty much built exactly the same. Pete has reluctantly, but kindly, obliged to do the diet with me for the sake of my sanity. He even made me a South Beach friendly breakfast this morning. What a guy!

Wyatt got his first tooth on the 25th of July. Once again, I don't have photographic evidence. It'll have to wait until another day. Sorry.

I've also signed up for a knitting class, as well as a local meetup group called "Knitwits and Hooker" of all things! Ha! We'll see if I meet anyone interesting. With a name like that, how could I not!?!

And now, a bunch of cute pictures of the kids. Enjoy!

And us kids!