Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Let's get our blog on!

Just thought it would be appropriate to start a blog for those who choose to avoid Myspace at all costs and therefore don't really keep on touch. I can't blame you. Myspace is the Devil.

For those of you who are completely unaware of what we have been up to, the two of us moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico last June. We finished out degree at NAU, and now Pete is almost finished with his first year of his Master's Degree in Business Administration. One year to go...woohoo! As soon as Pete is done with school we are going to start having babies, which will be SO AWESOME! By the way, I am totally jealous of you, Erica. Ella is such a gorgeous, happy, and well behaved baby (at least she fooled me into believing that at Christmas).

In the meantime, the two of us have been taking classes and turning in paperwork to get licensed as foster parents. Yes...you read correctly. Since we can't really afford for me to quit work until Pete is done with school, we decided that it would be really awesome to welcome an older child into our home who needs a place to stay until their parents can get back on their feet again (or get the rehabilitation that they need to be good parents). The deeper we get into these classes, the more we are realizing what a big deal this is, and how much this is going to totally change the way we are living our lives, more so than if we just had a biological baby of our own. I'm gung-ho, and while Pete was pretty antsy at first I think he's coming around more and more each day. We are both pretty anxious to see how the foster parenting experience is going to change our lives. We are still planning on having kids of our own too, just not for at least another year. Wish us luck!

Hmmm, what else? I bought a pink scooter, a vintage style two-stroke, and am pledging with the Pharaoh's- a local scooter club. We go to rallies all over the country, and we're planning one of our own this summer. We also do a third Sunday ride each month where we ride in a big pack to bowling or on scavenger hunts and whatnot. It's different each month. Pete is thinking about getting a vintage Lambretta (and I REALLY want him to) but he's not going to pledge to become an official member of the Pharaoh's. He's content to just ride along as a non-member. If you know anyone selling a Lambretta, let us know.