Friday, April 25, 2008


After posting that last blog I decided to be fancy and put up a custom background. Then I accidentally deleted all my pretty pictures and other stuff. Oops. I'll put them back up later when I have time. Now, read the next posting! I just wrote it!

I am EXHAUSTED! Our new house closed last Thursday, and since then I have been spending every evening scrambling to get this house packed up and the new house ready to be moved into. It's not ready by a long shot, and we move our furniture tomorrow. Every night this week I've been at the new house until at least 10pm (usually later) painting, installing the wood floors (the worst!), moving all the little stuff in boxes, pulling the bjillion weeds in the front yard, etc.

It wouldn't be all that bad except every night this week I've woken up in the middle of the night either because I had to go to the bathroom, or for no apparent reason at all. I do my best to clear my head and not think, or to find something unimportant to think about so I can drift back off to sleep. It doesn't really work, and I generally spend anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour trying to get back to sleep. I've also been having really bizarre and vibrant dreams. It's so obnoxious.
To top it all off, I'm getting sick. I thought it might just be allergies, but Claritin isn't working and my face is all congested. I am so groggy and achy! I've been taking naps with the kids each day to try and catch up on a few zzz's.

Despite all the yuckiness, I am really excited to get into the new house. I'm bummed that the carpet in the bedrooms won't come in for another two weeks and we didn't get a chance to tile the dining room yet, but that will happen in the next few weeks as well. As soon as the house is all put together I'll post pictures. I'm really excited because we'll have three bedrooms. That means Pete can have his man-room and we can have a real guest bedroom. Hopefully it'll become a nursery soon, but I'm not doing any decorating until it's for sure!

Anyhoo, if anyone wants to plan a visit let me know. I've got a guest bedroom now, and we'll have an actual queen-sized bed in there. No more crashing on the couch! Yay!

An now...your moment of zen.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Trip to Phoenix / The Big Move!

Last week I was in Phoenix watching my 13 year-old niece Autumn while my step-sister Angela and her husband went on a cruise. It was a busy week trying to get a visit in with all the relatives in the Phoenix Metro Area. There were several people I didn't get to visit, and to them I say sorry. My family is huge, though, and I only had a couple hours each day while Autumn was at school. Next time I'll make the trek up to Prescott!

While in Phoenix I got to go on lots of field trips! I went to the Phoenix Zoo, the Botanical Gardens, The Phoenix Art Museum, Robbie's dirt bike practice (which was really cool!), the Science Museum, and tons more. I also went to a couple girlie movies and read two books. For those ladies who love period romance novels, I highly recommend The Other Boleyn Girl. Melanie and I went to the movie after I finished reading it, and it doesn't hold a candle to the book. I also got to see my nephews which is always super-fun!

I brought my schizophrenic camera, but it only wanted to work at the botanical gardens and Ikea, so my pictures aren't all that great - hence not posting any. Thanks for all who were gracious enough to host while I was there, and to those who went field tripping with me! It was well needed R&R.

Now that I'm home, it's time to pack! Our new house closes on Thursday, and then Pete and I get to install the flooring and paint before we lug all our junk across town and into our new house. We are both really looking forward to the move, and truly dreading all the costs associated with it. We have to buy a new heater before they will turn on the gas, so that means forking over $700, or taking icy cold showers. Also, the flooring alone is going to cost us a little over $3,000 and we need to buy a fridge. Goodbye sweet savings! Luckily Pete will be getting bonuses with his new job, but we probably won't see those until at least late May, early June (and thank goodness for them!). Overall, though, we are both really excited about all the extra space and are not at all disappointed to say goodbye to our ghetto neighbors. Later, sucka's!

As promised, something interesting...

This one is a little less depressing.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

He got it!

Pete just called and he said that they offered him the job, but for less than he was hoping for. Unfortunately, they don't count years of experience until after you've graduated with a bachelor's degree. So even though nothing changes, and he'd be doing the same job, they offered him less than he was expecting because two of his four years of experience were knocked off. However, he was still offered more than he's being paid now, plus he'll get a $4,000 bonus when he graduates in May, so that's a plus. Regardless, he's going to take it because there is lots of room for growth and he'll be paid more than he is now at Emcore. They have somewhere in the vicinity of 40,000 employees, so there is definitely wiggle room as far as promotions are concerned!

Well, they say that good things happen in threes. We got a new house, and Pete has a new job. Now I just need to get knocked up and all will be right with the universe!

Changing gears, I've decided that from now on out I will post a random thought, picture, video, what-have-you at the tail end of each post. It'll make things more interesting and keep you stimulated while reading about the mundane details of my and Pete's lives. So, for today's viewing pleasure will be a random video clip that is sure to make you smile. Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Our house sold! I got the call literally hours after posting the last grumpy blog. What a relief for both of us! And don't worry...I'm over the grumpiness. I just had to get it out of my system. :)

I just dropped Pete off at the airport. He is flying in to Washington D.C. for his big interview. Unfortunately, he really doesn't have ANY time to sightsee. I'm thinking that maybe our next vacation after the cruise will be to D.C. I've only been once, and I didn't get to see everything I wanted to. This is Pete's first trip there. Everybody keep your fingers crossed that the people interviewing him see how awesome he is and hire him! If he gets the job he'll get a big raise and an amazing corner office with a great view! Send good juju's his way!

On another note, Pete and I are completely pumped that Season 4 of Battlestar Galactica starts this Friday! Yay! It's been over a year since seeing the last season, thanks to the writer's strike. For those of you who love it like we do, but forgot what was going on, here's an update and recap of all the lovely soap opera drama that is BSG....

Also, I love this commercial.