Thursday, May 6, 2010

Maya got Bangs

I've been fighting the urge to cut Mayas bangs for a while. I was fed up with Maya's hair falling in her face every time she pulled out her barrettes (which was every ten seconds), and the last straw was this week when she had a cold. She kept waking up with her hair stuck on her booger-face! So, to the chagrin of Pete, I cut her some cute little bangs. Here are some pictures from the last couple days.

Her hair is a thousand time less work, and she somehow looks cleaner. I know her face is just as clean as it was before, but to me it just seems less dirty for some reason. Call me a crazy lady, but it's true!

Also, I forgot to post this one earlier. Pete and I are saving money and opening Maya a college savings account. All of our change (and some dollars, too!) is going into this piggy bank and is then getting deposited for Maya every time it fills up. We let her put the money in, and she does a pretty dang good job! Cute!

Swagger Wagon

I am in love with this video! It makes me feel way cooler for having a minivan.