Monday, September 20, 2010

It's a Boy!

The Ristig men may rest easy. For, there is a male heir to the Ristig line. Huzzah!

Now, for the fun stuff. It's time to shop, and time to pick a baby name. I was considering vintage cowboys for the nursery, but the more I think about it, the more I'm set on Robots and Rocketships for the theme. Target has a pretty cute rocket crib set that I may need to acquire.

And now, the name game! Here is a list of names we've compiled thus far, in no particular order. Keep in mind that the middle name will be Peter no matter what, so a nice flow would be awesome. That being said, tell us what you think of the following names, and please feel free to give us suggestions.

William (Liam for short)

The list is short, and I haven't really gone crazy looking names up yet, so like I said....suggestions!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fancy New Phones

Pete and I were perplexed at what we were going to do about our phone carrier, Verizon. First of all, they dropped their phone credit for new, two-year contracts from $100 to $50. So, if we wanted to get new phones (which we kinda need) we were gonna have to drop some cash upfront. Also, unless we wanted to get a dinosaur for a phone, we were going to have to start paying an extra $20 per month in data charges. We were paying for every picture message we sent or received, and were getting all kinds of random charges for stupid, unexpected things.

Now, I understand that cell phone service is pricier than just a land line, and I understand why. But, for us to be paying over $120 per month, plus for us to drop a bunch of money on the phones themselves is just plain unreasonable. So, our hunt commenced for a plan and phones that were more affordable, but gave us the same services we already had.

We found one better! Yay! I guess Sprint and Virgin Mobile recently struck up some kind of deal where Virgin Mobile now uses Sprint's signal. Virgin Mobile has an amazing deal, and we both signed up (actually, we didn't because there is no contract!). We get unlimited text, pix, and web, plus 300 minutes each per month for $25 per phone. WOO-HOO!!

So, Pete and I got new fancy phones. I got a Rumor2, and Pete got the Rumor Touch. His phone is definitely fancier than mine, but Pete likes gadgets, and really wanted the Touch.

Sorry to all you Verizon peeps out there who will actually have to use minutes to call me during business hours, but seriously. I'm saving $70 per month. Sorrrrryyyyyyyy!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Raddest Hand Dance EVAR!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Week of Firsts!

This week, Maya helped Daddy make dinner for the first time. Well, she actually just helped shuck the corn, but still! She had lots of fun pulling the husk and corn silk off the corn with her dad's help. It was cute.

This week, we also got Maya her very first bank account! We'd been slowly filling up her piggy bank, and we deposited $93 into her new account. Woo-hoo! MIT, here we come! That oughta pay for half of a college text book. ;D

And the most momentous (at least for me) was that Maya transitioned into a big-girl bed last night! We put our old queen bed into her new room, and I painted her walls light, light pink earlier this week. I was nervous that she would get out of bed or try to play with toys or get into some other shenanigans during the night, but she didn't! She cried for about 20 seconds after I shut her door, then she just lay down and was asleep about ten minutes later. She didn't get out of bed or fuss all night! Pete said he did hear her whimper just once, but she put herself right back to sleep. What a relief! I was so worried. Before bedtime, I let Maya play in her new bed, and get used to the idea that she would be sleeping in there. Here are some pictures of the new bed fun that ensued.

I LOVE how Maya says "ribbit, ribbit." It's so stinkin' cute!

And, while they aren't necessarily firsts, here are some other pictures of stuff in general. Yes, Maya loves running around naked before we get our PJ's on. And yes, those are her panties on her head.