Saturday, January 12, 2008

New car, Laura's visit, Jar of bees

The car hunt has come to an end. My old car was finally totaled out (though they're giving me a hell of a lot less than it's worth in my opinion), and I found and bought my new car. Woohoo! It's a 2001 Subaru Forester. Pete and I decided to finance a portion of it rather than empty out our bank account, so I don't actually get the car until Wednesday. I have to wait for the bank to mail out the check to the original owner. Ughhhhhh. What kind of freaky bank doesn't direct deposit? So lame. Besides all that, my new car is really pretty and has plenty of room for babies and big red wagons.


Also, Laura and her sexy Latin Lover, Ricardo, came to visit last week. It was really fun, but would have been better if I had a car. We spent a lot of time at the house. We did have a shindig where I managed to get rid of a bunch of my stuff by doing the same auction we do at Christmas at my Dad's. Trivia monopoly money auctions are the bomb! I really missed haning out with Laura, so it was lots of fun catching up and hanging out at my house watching Flight of the Conchords and Arrested Development. Thanks Kyle and Megan.

On January 8th was my and Pete's third anniversary. We don't usually do anything super special because we're OD'ed on my birthday and Christmas, so we went to Hastings and he bought me Mirrormask. I love that movie, and Laura hadn't seen it.

Pete is really terrible during required gift-giving times anyways, so it was for the best

Laura left on Friday, but I'm hoping Pete and I can go visit her on her cruise ship! We were talking about maybe doing it in May after he graduates to celebrate. We'll see how the money is looking by then. We really only have to pay for airfare and fun money, because she can get us on the ship pretty much for free, and it's all-inclusive. So, it's probably going to happen. I hope so. I've never been on a cruise before, or to the Carribean for that matter!