Monday, May 2, 2011

RIP Peanut Ristig

Our sweet doggie, Peanut, was not doing so well. Her heart disease issues were returning, and her medication was just not doing the trick anymore. Her belly filled with fluid again, and she was just so uncomfortable. We decided to do the right thing (even if it was the difficult thing) and had her put down. It was really sad, but she died very peacefully while being told what a good girl she was. We had her cremated, and her ashes were sprinkled in the Sandia Mountains.

Rest in peace Peanut! We loved you. You were the best behaved doggie we've ever had. Good girl!

A Pictoral April Update

Adventures in Colorado Springs! We went to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo on one of our three trips to Colorado Springs. The giraffe exhibit there is so cool! You get to feed the giraffes, and can pet them and everything! I knew the horns on their heads were horns, but for some reason I always imagined they'd feel somewhat squishy, like they were surrounded by fat. Not the case. They were quite horn-y! We went on the last day in the morning, and then drive home to Albuquerque. Both the kids were wiped, and Maya slept a big chunk of the way home, which was heavenly!

Back home! Wyatt being happy in his swing. What a handsome devil!

Having fun with Daddy while waiting for our breakfast at the Church Street Cafe back patio.

Weekend hiking trip to the Bosque! We hit up the Rio Grande Nature Center a couple miles from our house here in Albuquerque. The weather was perfect!

We're Moving to Colorado Springs!

Life this past month has been insane, to say the least! Time for another catch-up on the good ol' blog!

Pete's work wanted to know if he'd be interested in relocating to either Colorado Springs, or Herndon, VA. After getting their ducks in a row, it was decided that Colorado Springs it was! So, three house-hunting trips, two realtors, and a partridge in a pear tree later, we have a house and will be moving on May 16th!

Most of the homes we were looking at had really small kitchens, and were in pretty good neighborhoods. When we saw the home we ended up picking, it was kind of a no-brainer. It was crazy, though, because the next house we looked at was great, too! We were up all night trying to figure out which to choose, doing a points system rating chart, and being generally nervous about making the wrong choice. Well, the universe chose for us, because the other house went under contract. And, I am soooo glad it did! The house we got has 2400 square feet, five bedrooms, three baths, and a ginormous kitchen! It also has an RV pad, and a really cool deck out back. On top of that, it is in the nicest neighborhood I can ever hope to live in!

It's funny, because the neighborhood reminds me a bit of the house I lived in at 9th ave and Northern in Phoenix. I realized that the address there was 8140. The address at the new house is 4180! It was destiny. :)

Pete and I have so many ideas for fixing the place up. We are ripping out all the yucky old carpet, and putting down a combination of carpet and bamboo. we're getting all new appliances, and will most likely change the color of the exterior of the house. Our brains are on overdrive, in a good way!

Free Make-up!

My cousin Molly is doing a give-away on her cute blog,! I want to win the $25 gift card, so I'm posting here for another chance to win. Plus, her blog has all kinds of nifty, girly tips, recipes, and whatnot so I have no problem passing it along to friends! Check it out!