Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Super Maya Update!

So, here's what we've been up to lately. Maya started walking last week, and she's saying more words every day. She's been on a "b" word kick lately. This week she started saying ball, bye-bye, and boo! She also says hi, Daddy, Mama, and kitty. She says banana, but it sounds more like buh-buh-buh. I know what she means, though! My favorite thing she does now (ahem) happens when she either doesn't get her way, or she accidentally loses her balance. She falls on the floor whining and kicking her foot. Ask me how much I love it. Unfortunately, I don't have video footage!

Maya also got her first freckle! It's on the top of her head. I noticed it when I was washing her hair in the tub. Since then, she's been lathered with sunscreen every time we go outdoors.

We went to the river this weekend. It's cool because the Rio Grand Nature Center is just up the street from our house. It has lots of trails right on the river. We took Peanut, too. She had fun trying to chase lizards and getting as far into the water as we'd let her get.

There were these weird flood control device thingies that made the trail look like the beaches at Normandy!

Two weeks ago Maya was riding on her little car. She tipped over and landed right on her face, poor little bug! She got some pretty gnarly road-rash from the sidewalk. She cried for about 30 seconds or so, and then was cool. She didn't even care when I cleaned it out! I was impressed. It doesn't look too bad in these pictures, but the next day it scabbed over and was not cute.

And here are some random cute pictures we've taken of her over the last few weeks. Enjoy!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter in Prescott

We made the trek over to Prescott for Easter, and boy-oh-boy, Maya was not a fan of the car ride there. Our friend Travis came along for the ride, so I sat in the back with Maya the whole time. I kept her relatively occupied most of the way, but there were times when she was just not a happy camper.

Once we were there it was lovely to just fall into the nice, warm, clean dungeon at Grammy's house! We went out to breakfast the next morning at the Dinner Bell, and then Pete, Maya, Mom and I went toodling around the square. Most of the shops were still closed, but we had fun window shopping.

I also had my Mom take some pictures of us walking around. I'd mentioned that we hadn't had any pictures taken of all three of us in ages, so we got a couple nice ones.

We met up with Dad and T and Rob at the Red Robin for lunch. It was YUMMMMMM. Just like the commercial, go figure! Maya got a cute little Easter bucket with an outfit from Target and a Cabbage Patch Kid bunny in it. She had a great time putting things in her new bucket! Grumpa helped Maya do some important coloring on the place mat.

Grandma T helped Maya play with her new doll, and made sure she knew how cute her shoes were.

Rob was just really pumped to be there. :D

For Easter morning, Dan, Autumn, and Mom all came over to Grammy's and we all had a yummy lunch. The Easter Bunny made everybody some yummy fudge eggs, and Maya wore her cute new Easter dress. Bill swung by too, but it was right before we had to leave for our next Easter destination, darnit!

Pete went to pick up Travis for the ride home, and he tagged along with us to Lyle and Hanna's house. Everyone was pretty excited to see Maya, but nobody more than Ben. That boy was obsessed with her! It was pretty cute. Maya liked it for a little while, but I think she was feeling a bit smothered after a bit. She was kinda cranky and tired from all the excitement of the weekend. She got passed around, had some more ham and potatoes (we'd just had stuff at Grammy's!), spent a little time with Nana and Papa, Pete had some extreme close-up photos of his nose taken by Emily, we had some yummy blueberry pie, and then we hit the road back to Albuquerque.

Thanks to everyone who could share our Easter with us and make it such a special day for our family!!