Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Visit from Grumpa...YIPPEE!

For a Father's Day present from Terea, Dad got plane tickets to come visit Maya and me (Pete too, but yeah). His flight came in on Friday night. When I asked him if he had anything in mind for the weekend, he said he just wanted to chill and hang out with us. So, that's what we did.

The only place we really went was out to lunch and to the mall. Ciera came over and all us girls went and got sized for bras at Victoria Secret while the boys went to the video game store and the bookstore. I LOVE the sale that's on now at Victoria's Secret. We also went to Mario's and ordered the gargantuan 26" pizza for lunch. It was yummy! Here's a video I took at the restaurant. Maya's tongue is hilarious.

Afterward, we just hung out at the house and played with the baby/the wii. Pete got a Star Wars game at the mall. He loves being Darth Vader.

Dad and I were giving Maya respberries, and she was Ka-racking Up! I decided to go grab the camera so I could take a video of my Dad and Maya. As soon as I hit record, though, she decided it was time to cry. She's bi-polar like that!

This morning we went out to breakfast, hit the park for a few minutes, and then Dad flew back to Phoenix. Lucky us, we get to see him next weekend, too! He'll be driving through on the 4th of July. What luck!

After Dad left, I decided to make Maya some cute headbands. Here's one of them I made. Pete put it on her hippie style.

In other news, Maya loves standing up as much as possible.

She also got a new toy for her crib, but we just play with it on our laps.

Also, Maya's belly button looks just like an eye. Maya is watching!

Earrings are the SWEETEST!

I went ahead and had Maya's earrings pierced earlier this week. I waited until she had her 4 month booster shots so she'd be all hopped up on Tylenol when she had them done. I was really impressed. She only cried for a moment. Less than a minute. Since then I've cleaned them at least twice a day, more if she drools milk onto them. She hasn't fussed a single time. She doesn't seem to mind them at all. I'm so relieved! The lady who pierced them put the right one in at a weird angle, but other than that, they're really cute! Katie thinks I should get her some Cholita hoops. Bwahahaha!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Pete celebrated his very first Father's Day today. He started off the day by sleeping in, but had to wake up to return the roto-tiller to the rental joint. When he returned, this was waiting for him...

Yes...that's a t-shirt with a picture of Pete feeding Maya a taco on it. She was just hours old and the bad photos had begun!

Pete made everyone breakfast (I know, but he started cooking and I just went with it), and after we ate we all headed down to the Home Depot to check out workbenches. He found one he really liked at Sam's Club earlier this week that was $200, but he was also eyeballing a Home Depot build-it-yourself kit. We went home empty handed, but now after a little more browsing Pete is pretty sure of what he wants. After returning from the store, Meghan, Maya, and I went out to see The Proposal, which was way better and funnier than I though it would be. Pete stayed home and hung out with his buddy Travis whilst enjoying a little Maya-free R&R.

For Dad:

Thanks for being the awesome-est Dad on the planet! Thanks for letting me use your body as a jungle gym as a kid. Thanks for letting me get junk-food cereal every once in a while. Thanks for making sure I did my homework. Thanks for waiting up for me and busting me if I came home past curfew. Thanks for taking us to Peter Piper Pizza all the time. Thanks for changing my diapers, listening to my lovely shrieking screams, and dancing me back to blissful happiness (Ooooh what a feeling, when you're dancing on the ceiling!). You are such an amazing, loving, and gentle person. You are the best Daddy a girl could ask for!!

I am really, really excited for you to come out next weekend! Maya may look an awful lot like her dad, but she has my ornery personality. She has grown so much!

For my other Dad (Terry):

Thanks for doing such a good job making Pete! You are a one-of-a-kind guy. I'm glad that you understand my dorky sense of humor, and don't mind too bad when I bust your chops! I love that you have such a vast knowledge of history and mechanics, and that you are still on a mission to learn more and surround yourself with knowledgeable people. Even though I'm pretty wiped by the end of your bi-annual visits, I enjoy them nonetheless. It's nice to know that keeping in touch with family is so important to you. Now that I have Maya, she has really given me a new perspective on how important family really is. I loved my family before, but now...WOW! Anyhoo, thanks for being a great father-in-law to me, and for making Pete the man he is today.

For my other, other Dad (Ken):

I may not know you very well, but I do know this. You are the one of the kindest people I have ever met. You are very laid back (which my Mom could use!), and you love dogs which always sits well in my book. People who are great with animals tend to be nicer in general! You treat my Mom so well, and I love that you bring her back barrettes from the places your trains take you. Thanks you for loving my Mom and being the kind of person she can love without baggage. You are awesome!

Hi-ho, hi-ho.....

We (or rather Pete, Meghan, and Kevin) got started on the back yard this weekend. We roto-tilled the dirt out back, smoothed out the surface, got rid of some extra dirt, and dug the trenches where the sprinklers will go. Later this week Pete will install the sprinklers, and sometime this weekend (I hope!) we'll lay the sod and be done with it. I can't wait until we can enjoy a nice, cool, grassy back yard with NO GOAT HEADS! I'm sick of pulling stickers out of my shoes.

Trip to Explora!

Meghan and I took the kids to Explora, the kids museum, last week. We had as much fun as the kids did! We played with bubbles, goofed around on the different exhibits, and Meghan even rode the bicycle on a tightrope!

Here's a picture of Meghan's and my face superimposed over each other.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Maya Punching Daddy!

I took this video a couple hours ago, and it is HILARIOUS!

Also, I got my Mom an orangey-red Uglydoll for her birthday (among other things), but Maya absolutely loves it. So, it's Maya's Uglydoll now, and I'm gonna have to find Mom a new present by Monday when Melanie is in town. Mom is meeting Mel at her new place in NJ later this week, so I'm thinking Mel can deliver my Mom her pressie. Lucky duck!

We named him Hans. You can't really tell from the pictures, but he has unusual, out-of-proportion, large hands.

Oh, and here's a picture of Pete wearing Maya's Bumbo chair. Weirdo.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I have a lot of catching up to do.

I've been a negligent blogger, and I haven't blogged in about two weeks-ish. Well, I'm back and in full effect! Tons of catching up to do, and rather than posting several entries I'm just going to cram it into one.

Sooooo-oo-oh. Pete's niece Meghan is staying with us this summer, and Pete and I are totally enjoying her company. She's a big help with the baby and the kids I watch. She started her first day at her first job ever today. Travis hooked her up with a job at the local movie theater. I put her on our insurance so she can drive herself to work and I don't have to pick her up at the odd hours she's probably going to have to work! Also, she got me hooked on the farming game on facebook, and then I found another one that's pretty good, too. I check my facebook a dozen times a day now to see if my crops are ready to harvest. It's unhealthy. I love it! Here's a picture of Meghan in her fancy movie theater uniform. Her boyfriend sent her flowers today, too. Good man.

Pete's parents came out last weekend for their bi-annual visit. We went to breakfast with Terry's old friend from Yavapai College, Gary Lester, who taught classes to both myself and Pete! We also went to the Atomic History Museum and Samurai's Teppan Grill (my favorite restaurant!), and went to see the Star Trek movie. Other than that we vegged out around the house enjoying the baby. She's getting so BIG!

And now.....VIDEOS! Maya crackes up laughing on a regular basis now. It's so dang cute.

Pete also enjoys doing silly things with/to Maya.

PITCHERS! Pete didn't really want me to take these first pictures. The Hutchins clan has taught him well (see last of three pictures).

Dad likes making Maya hats when he changes her diaper.

My girlfriends getting googly with Maya.

Oh, and Maya rolled over back-to-front for the very first time today! Pete and I were way too excited about it.

And I saved the best for last!