Saturday, June 12, 2010

Definitely NOT Pete's Idea!

I just finished reading all the Twilight books at the insistence of my friend, Carolyn. The first one was meh. The second one was a little emo, but better. The third book sucked me in like crazy, and the fourth made me a Twilight fan forever! Anyways, in honor of the unveiling of Eclipse at the movie theater, I'm rocking the Twilight background for the next two weeks.


Friday, June 11, 2010

Seriously Belated Stuff

I just realized that I haven't posted anything in over a month. I'm slapping myself on the wrist right now, and hoping that I'll not keep up the procrastination in the future. No promises, though. I mean, this is me we're talking about!

Well, during the last month a few things have happened. We went hiking at Tent Rocks, which is seriously one of the cooler hikes I've ever been on.

We got Ciera for the summer! Her family moved to Illinois, and she's spending a major part of her summer at our place before flying to meet her brothers and Dad. Ciera has been having a blast shopping. I've been trying to get her all stocked up and ready for the nasty winters ahead of her! It's really hard to find a store that carries warm boots in June in New Mexico. She's also been a big help with Maya and the babies. I'll be super-sad when she leaves. Who knows when we'll see her next. We've had her around for the last three-and-a-half years. It'll be weird without heaving her around whenever we feel like it.

We also went to AZ for my brother Dan's renewal of vows with his wifey, Autumn. It was really pretty, and very sweet! Maya did not appreciate the car ride there or back, but at least this time Ciera was there to help keep her occupied.

And, of course, here's the random pictures of Maya I've taken over the last month or so. I'm glad I'm such a crazy Japanese tourist with my picture taking needs. She'll have a wide variety of photos of herself growing up!