Monday, December 20, 2010

The Holiday Schedule

Here's what we have planned for our impending trip to AZ! Let me know if anything looks weird or wrong.

Wednesday -
Leave ABQ @ 3pm
Arrive at Dad's house in Phoenix around 10ish

Thursday -
Laurie's hair appt in Mesa @10pm - Pete and Maya at Dorothy's
Hang around until the afternoon, and then drive back to Dad's
9pm Comedy Show in Tempe (Dad and T, will you babysit?!)

Friday -
Make cookies in the morning to bring to the shindig later
Christmas Eve party at Ryan and Lynsey's
Spend the night at Dad and T's

Saturday -
Christmas morning at Dad's
Leave Dad's at around 8am and head up to Prescott
Arrive at Grammy's house in Prescott around 10am
Christmas at Grammy's!
Pete's parents swing by when they're done at Hanna's

Sunday -
Prescott all day - go to the movies (True Grit and/or Black Swan)

Monday -
Breakfast at Hanna's - not sure on what time
Kidnap Emily and head back to Albuquerque after breakfast!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dr Who Awesomeness

I'm posting this at Pete's insistence. It is pretty funny, and there's a nice surprise at the end. Enjoy!