Friday, December 30, 2011

October in Review

October was so much fun! This was the first year that we really got to experience autumn in all its glory! The trees turned oranges, yellows, and reds, and we went out on hikes as a family & with friends and really enjoyed the outdoors. Colorado is beautiful!

Maya tripped on the rug in the living room, and managed to give herself a fat lip. It was very pathetic!

We also painted Maya's room pink, at her request. Mama was offering other color ideas like yellows and violets, but Maya is such a girlie girl, despite her mother's best attempts! So, pink it is! I painted the baseboards white, but it was after I took the photo. Whoops!

In preparation for Halloween, we carved a lovely pumpkin together, and put him on the front porch.

We had a fun Halloween party at our house, and invited lots and lots of friends over. We even had a pinata, and painted pumpkins!

After the party was over, we headed out to the airport in Denver, still in our costumes, and hopped on a plane to Arizona! It was Wyatt's first airplane ride, and the first Maya could remember.

We went trick-or-treating with Uncle Dan, Aunt Autumn, and cousin Emily for Halloween. We cruised around Prescott just east of downtown. It was crowded, but lots of fun! We even went to the courthouse to watch all the Prescott cousins and Aunt Hanna be part of a flash mob who danced to Michael Jackson's "Thriller." Some people didn't really know the moves very well, but it was still all good fun! Baby Yoda did not want to wear his ears. Little turkey!

Update Your Blog, Ya Slacker!!

Well, that was the longest I've ever gone without blogging! I think I'll go back and update month-by-month beginning with October.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Visit From Grumpa and Gramma T!

Dad scored a three day weekend as a reward for his perfect attendance at work, so he and Terea hopped a flight out to Colorado to visit. It was their first time meeting baby Wyatt, so we were all really excited! When they got here on Saturday, we all just chilled at the house, and Pete grilled up some ribs and corn for dinner. Yum! Wyatt enjoyed gnawing on the corn cobs.

I had told Maya in advance that Gramma T and Grumpa and their dog, Tuti, would be coming to stay for the weekend. I also mentioned that they might have a little present for her, but we'd have to see. When they got here, I said, "Hey, look who's here!" She replied with, "Grumpa and Gramma T!" I asked her who else was here, thinking she would say Tuti, but she enthusiastically replied, "PRESENTS!" Well, was she right! Gramma T opened up her suitcase to a new outfit, a princess shirt, some headbands, a book, and the piece de resistance...a Cinderella dress and crown! She was one happy camper. Terea had no idea, but Maya has been obsessing over Cinderella for the past couple weeks, and even pretends to go to the ball. She was PUMPED when she saw that dress! Wyatt got some outfits too, but wasn't nearly as excited as Maya :)

Here's Maya wearing Grumpa's shoes. Silly!

The next day we decided to drive out to the Garden of the Gods and check out their visitor's center. Terea got Maya some little silver butterfly earrings in the gift shop. This girl was spoiled rotten, I tell ya!

We drove on the twisty road that winds through the Garden, and were going to get lunch in Manitou Springs, but traffic was nuts! I think everyone had the same idea as we had. So, we headed back towards home instead, and got some Rudy's BBQ for lunch.

The next day was Monday, and I was craving cheesy eggs and grits from der Waffle Haus! The biggest seat they had only accomodated four people, so Maya sat next to Grumpa, and I had a seat all to myself. Aahhhhhhh.

After breakfast, we put Wyatt down for a nap, and Maya, Gramma T and I all went to the mall to get something fancy to wear for our tea party! I booked us a table at the Glen Eyrie castle here in CO Springs. Someone had an English castle relocated here brick-by-brick, and I got us reservations for the girls to have high tea there! I got a feathery headband to wear, and Terea bought a nice little blue flower and a bee pin for her hat. Maya was, of course, wearing her new princess dress to the castle!

It was a nice little drive up to the castle, and it was so beautiful inside! I am definitely going back there and doing the tour. I wanted to peek my head into every little nook and cranny, but we had to get to tea by 2:30.

When we got inside, we were seated, and brought two teapots. We started with cinnamon scones with cream, and were served our first cup of tea. Maya loved getting her sugar lumps for her tea with the little silver tongs!

Next, we were brought a tray of goodies like strawberries and kiwi, mini quiches, brie cheese with crackers, and a jelly-covered pastry of some sort. Maya just nibbled at the treats, but man did she guzzle that tea! She ended up drinking two cups on her own. Good thing I gave her the decaf! When high tea was almost done, Maya still had a bunch of treats left on her plate, so the lady waiting on us asked if we'd like to bring them home with us. I said sure, and when she came back they were wrapped up in a foil swan. Maya decided it wasn't a swan, though, it was a dragon, of course!

When tea time was over, we got up and were going to take the scenic route around the castle and back to the car, but all the little old ladies that were ogling Maya at tea just had to say hello to her. One woman even took a picture of her in her cute princess dress and crown. I may be biased because I'm her mother, but she was pretty stinkin' adorable if I do say so myself!! Once everyone was done talking to my cute daughter, we walked out back where there was a nice little terrace with a fountain, walked around the outside of the castle, and then headed home.

After tea time, Dad an T had to head back to Denver to catch their flight. We were sad to see them leave, and hope they come to visit us again sometime! We had lots of funsies!!